Let’s face it, any new piece of technology we purchase we let our kids set it up. I mean after all they ARE much “smarter” on tech stuff than we are right?! With all this technology at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to get access to wifi. On the tv, Xbox or even prepaid cell phones.  In this blog you will learn ways to safeguard your kids with training, tips and simply educating yourself. We will cover things like GPS tracking on your kids phones, setting up YouTube safeguards and the vital importance signing Internet contracts and much more!

Do you know WHO and HOW your kids are communicating Online? What are they being exposed to? Have you talked with them about cyber bullying and internet integrity? Can I really see where my kids are at all times and how fast the car they are in is traveling in is going?

MISSION: Internet Child Safeguard was created to educate and train parents, equipping them with the right tools to safeguard their children while online.

GOALS: Have you ever thought that your children were smarter than you on technology? Well our mission is to close that gap, so you can be smarter and ultimately keep them safe while online!