Keeping Kids Tech-Safe

Are your kids using a computer? On an iPad or tablet? Chances are, they have been on plenty of tech-savvy devices by the time they hit elementary school. And while technology is great for learning and providing lots of fun apps and games, it may open the door for things we don’t want our kids to see or be exposed to at an early age.

I recently attended a presentation by Common Sense Media on Raising Media Smart Students, aimed at elementary age children. It was incredibly informative and opened my eyes to a lot of things I need to do to protect my kids as well as educate them on using today’s technology. Kids are constantly using computers, iPhones, tablets, iPads, watching television shows and movies, and playing video games…there is a lot of media available to children. It is best, as parents, to be one step ahead of it all.

Common Sense Media is a wonderful organization that reviews and rates movies, TV shows, apps, video games, and books for children. You can visit their site and look at something your child would like to watch or play, and see if it is age appropriate, has violence or language, or has educational value. I have used it many times online as well as their new free app which is very handy for on-the-go.

In order to pass along the great information in the presentation, I put together a handy infographic on how to keep our kids tech-safe in today’s media world. It is aimed at children kindergarten to fifth grade. If you have preschoolers, it is best to get your family ready for things to come as well! I hope you find this graphic helpful. If you click on the smaller image below, a larger pdf will open for viewing. Please feel free to pin this on Pinterest and share with other families, so we can be smart parents and help our kids manage the onslaught of media aimed their way.








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